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Refuge Christian Church



555 Settlers Landing Rd
Hampton, VA 23669
Telephone: 757-224-6451


Sunday Worship 11:15 am
Wednesday Worship 7pm




Refuge Christian Church & Ministries is a ministry that is vision driven. At the age 23 years old our Pastor/Founder Elder J.L. Johnson, II was a newly wed, a father of one, with another one on the way. At this time he received a vision from God that he was to establish a ministry that focused on Christ and the community. One that would focus on the people and the hurt they have endured in and out of church. He knew it wasn't time yet, but it was God's way of telling him that it was time to prepare himself as well as his wife and kids for the journey that lied ahead. Here it is four years later with the mandate from God and the confirmation of his spiritual father Bishop C.D. Cannon Sr. That it is time to go forth and do the work of the Lord. The name "REFUGE" comes from Psalms 46:1. This unique name was given to our Pastor and when you think of what the name means, this is what the ministry is about serving as a shelter, and safe haven for the people of God.

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