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Release Date: October 30,2018

Spotlight Business: Best of British

After growing up in England, Jacquelin Taylor moved to the states when she fell in love with a U.S. Airman.  She began her new life in Newport News and taught in the schools until a store she showed interest in was up for sale.  Ten years ago she took a leap of faith and bought said store from its previous owners. This establishment is a Hampton classic known as Best of British; it has anything British that one can think of. 


Best of British has been in the area for thirty-four years and sells a large number of British goods and popular everyday items.  They also have merchandise from popular British television shows and a collection of sterling silver jewelry.  Jacquelin and her family members run the store together to keep it fresh for each customer that comes in.  Many of their customers are British and can relate to Jacquelin’s life story as they share fond memories of living in England.  Some have even come in and shared that although they have never met, they had grown up in the same town as Jacquelin.  She finds it heartwarming to be able to look back at memories from her childhood with her customers.  While many of her customers are English, she has also had customers from Australia and New Zealand.


People from all over the world love coming inside of Best of British to find everyday goods and items; come inside Jacquelin’s store today to try something new you might love just as much as the Brits!