Release Date: August 6,2018

Spotlight Business: Chuck's Camera Plus

As the years have passed, there is only one camera shop left in the Tidewater area, and it belongs to Charles Marshall, the owner of Chuck’s Camera Plus.


When he was younger, Charles had many different jobs but decided to open Chuck’s Camera Plus after he retired.  He had two previous camera studios, and this one would be his third.  He decided to put his studio in Downtown Hampton because of the boaters and foot traffic.  Charles tends to advise customers who come in on the type of cameras and equipment they should purchase for upcoming trips, excursions, and overall video-taking needs.  On top of this, he also teaches photographers one on one; he currently has seventy-five to eighty-five young photographers that he advises. 


Chuck’s Camera Plus not only advises customers but also has a large array of merchandise to purchase.  He sells film, Polaroid, vintage, and waterproof cameras along with the newest models of digital cameras, lenses, and equipment.   Many times, young kids will come through the door looking for stabilizing equipment to make videos for their own enjoyment and Charles is more than happy to help them.  He has had experience teaching at Canon and has filmed numerous TV commercials; he even has his own YouTube channel where he posts his own original content.  On top of the videos that he shoots, he also takes family photos and portraits.  Come by Chuck’s Camera Plus today to get advice on a camera for your next adventure or to get some great group shots of the family!