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Release Date: September 3,2018

Spotlight Business: Mint Julep Antiques

Mint Julep Antiques

About ten years ago, a friend got Craig and Darlene Wilson interested in the business of antiques.  Craig brought up the idea of owning an antique store and that’s when they bought Mint Julep Antiques.  After deciding upon this great endeavor, Craig and Darlene decided they needed someone to help manage the store.  They called upon Janet O’Connor, whom they had known for years, to come in and help them take care of the store. 

Mint Julep is home to a large number of antiques, all of which Janet, Darlene, and Craig have found themselves at estate sales, garage sales, and auctions.  On top of this large number of antiques, they also have a number of vintages and handcrafted artisan items for purchase.  From refurbished furniture to blacksmith work, they have a wide variety of things to adorn your living space with.  Everyone is welcome inside Mint Julep as there truly is something for everyone. College students and antique lovers can both find something that makes their home feel like it’s their own. 

Craig, Darlene, and Janet love talking to each customer that makes their way inside; it is their greatest joy to make customers happy and help them find something that truly speaks to them.  While they love this type of customer satisfaction, they also enjoy getting to host workshops inside of their store in which local artisans will come in and teach patrons how to make certain items to decorate and adorn their homes.  Come by Mint Julep Antiques today to discover something that will complete your home or sign up for a workshop to let those creative juices flow