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Release Date: July 16,2018

Spotlight Business: Old Hampton Seafood Kitchen

Ella Murphy, or more affectionately known as Miss Ella, has worked and lived in the Downtown Hampton area for years.  When she first saw the Old Hampton Seafood Kitchen up for sale the building was in disrepair, but since Miss Ella and her husband own a construction company they were able to make it into the quaint and well-loved restaurant it is today.


In 2008, times were tough for everyone due to the stock market crash, but Miss Ella refused to give up; she worked the entire restaurant by herself until business started to pick up again.  She stated, “If you’re not hungry, you’re not going to get fed,” which aligns with her motivated and passionate attitude about her business. 


As well as having a passion for her business, Ella Murphy also has a passion for her community.  Before she bought the property that Old Hampton Seafood Kitchen stands on today, she noticed that there were drug dealers that tended to linger in the area.  She approached these men with a full heart and did her best to set them up for success by leading them in the right direction for jobs that would support them and their families in an honest way.  Not only did she influence these men to make the right choice, but she also finds passion in keeping kids she sees off the streets by offering them small jobs to do around the business to keep them occupied and away from any trouble.


Even though many love Miss Ella for her compassionate personality, she is also well known for her delicious food.  The lunchtime crowd consists of downtown and city hall workers, sheriffs, and police officers,  while the weekend crowd comes from all over.  She’s had people drive from Suffolk and Virginia Beach just to eat her made-from-scratch food.  Even crazier than that, she’s had people ask to ship her famous crab cakes overseas just because they can’t get enough of them!  Stop by Old Hampton Seafood Kitchen today to meet Miss Ella and get a taste of the food people are willing to drive (and fly!) hours for.