Release Date: October 1,2018

Spotlight Business: The Virginia Store

During a leisurely trip to Washington some years ago, Ruth Simmons saw a store that specifically sold goods related to that state.  She realized that Virginia had nothing like that and decided to open one herself.  Since 1992, The Virginia Store has been a hotspot for tourists and locals alike, all looking for goods that show off the craftsmanship of Virginia.


Ruth Simmons, the owner and buyer for The Virginia Store, grew up as an "army brat" and stayed in the area when she married.  She also was a Hampton City School's guidance counselor and teacher.  Ruth chose to open the Virginia Store in downtown Hampton because of the local and tourist traffic.  She is one of the few people who sells Virginia is for Lovers merchandise among other eclectic goods.  They are the only store that is allowed to carry, by permission of the City, the famous “Hampton Cup”, a pewter cup with the seal of the city on it.  The store also carries finer goods such as stunning blue crab themed dish sets, handmade jewelry, books, and Virginia peanuts.  The peanuts tend to be their biggest seller because they are sourced directly from Virginia farmers and are a delicious hit with customers.  Everything they sell shows off the beauty and vibrancy of Virginia while being primarily made by its inhabitants.


Those who enter The Virginia Store are met with a staff that is tight-knit like a family and they love talking to every customer that comes in the door.  Ruth explained that the best part about being a business owner is the interesting and kind people that come in every day, from locals to people who have traveled from across the world.  Some regular customers have even become friends with Ruth over the years.  The Virginia Store is a chance for people to enjoy the beauty of this state through the work of artisans and fun gifts that will make anyone smile.  Come in today and take a piece of Virginia home with you!